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My wife and the MS/Xamarin deal

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I’m inclined to say that the author of this article on speaks with my own words on the Microsoft/Xamarin deal. Yesterday, like everybody else in the software industry, I got to know that Microsoft bought Xamarin. Really? OMG, we’re still there? I thought it was a closed deal since at least two years. My sentiment? In a sense, I don’t care. In another sense I do care and I feel comfortable.

Recently, my wife asked me a similar question, one of those women’s periodical questions like “Honey, do you still love me?” Believe it or not, my reply was along the lines of “In a sense, I don’t know and I don’t care” — well, it was actually just a tiny bit softer than this :).

Kind of shocked, but not too much, she replied “And in another sense?” (Well, Silvia has really a strong sense of humour.)

Well, in another sense I just feel more than comfortable and happy with you even after so many years of living together. So naturally comfortable and in a good mood that I don’t even realize I’m happy. It’s happiness by nature. Or, in software terms, by design.


Question is, Xamarin products are going to be integrated in the MSDN subscription now? 🙂




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