3 comments on “Why Software Projects Fail :: part I

  1. Interesting perspective on the issue.

    Obviously the vast majority of software projects being delivered don’t have the responsibility of keeping humans alive, but I think it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on developing a culture around quality software over under-budget, under-tested messes.

    As a side note: I often hear about municipal infrastructure projects going severely over budget, so mis-estimation definitely isn’t only appropriated to our industry. A local round-about was budgeted at 16M, delivered at 24M and 6 months late. Do you think civil engineering projects could benefit from Agile & strictly defining MVP? These two methodologies / ideals have positively transformed my team’s ability to push through higher quality code, and happier clients.

  2. I think this topic have been risen almost a thousands of times in my career. The perspective on quality is interesting; however, to be fair, going well above the budget and way beyond the estimated delivery date is very, very common in civil engineering too.

    And you have to factor in maturity: building a cathedral in the middle ages had the same risks and issues we are facing with software today. It is still too complex.

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