4 comments on “ASP.NET MVC: Coordinators and Worker Services

  1. Hi Dino, I would like a clearer explanation for knowing the difference between Domain Model, Domain Service & Repository.

    Does Domain Service use Repository to get back Entities? Does Domain Service create the Domain model by adding business logic to the Entities?

    It seems in you figure 7.4 Application Logic can use Repository directly, or use Domain Service which uses Repository. Does the application Logic get back at the end Entities? Then does it transform to a “View” model by transforming with DTO? And finally it would return this “View” model to the controller?

    I think the best to be sure we understand your architecture would be to “translate” all the different parts in concrete code examples which would of course describe one possible implementation among others.

    Thanks if you could help me and make sure I did understand some if not most part of what your exposed 🙂

    Cheers from Pars

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